Dehusked Coconuts

Our consistent export of dehusked coconut is unmatched in the market. The thrive is due to our efficient and effective team working hand in hand with thousands of coconut farmers for effective supply and delivery. Every week, we export over one million husked coconuts to Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Our coconut products are fully organic and prepared with highly hygienic process put in place. We have a large coconut organic plantation, as well as out growers of coconuts in some well research and selected farming areas in West Africa, with the consideration of having their soils free from any biological or organic contaminants that is dangerous to human life and the ecosystem at large.

Our well trained and experience team; having great understanding of logistics and material handling gives the best services on distribution, trading (merchandising, processing and distribution) of our coconut products to our various and honourable clients and customers.

We have a production unit that have over the period of years being on the development of raw coconut into young coconut meat (frozen), dry coconut meat (frozen), virgin coconut oil, coconut chips, fresh frozen coconut water. We meticulously produce all of the coconut products under strict and approved Food and Drugs Authority hygienic conditions in well and handy packaged containers with respective volumes.