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Copra is mainly used to yield coconut oil. However, the byproducts themselves are used for additional purposes, mostly as food for livestock.

For the coconut meat to become copra, it goes through a drying process over the course of a few days. After removing the shell, the coconut is broken open, the coconut water is drained out, and the coconut meat is left to dry. The copra can be made by sun drying, smoke drying, or kiln drying. Then, the drying process happens where the coconut palms grow. These areas are highly suitable for the process as they are hot and humid in climate.

In today’s world, naturally growing coconut palms remain a great source of copra. But the commercial plantations reign superior. Regardless of the source, once the copra is finally dry and ready, it is transported to industrial oil mills for processing.

The copra mills resemble sugar crushing mills, and the process itself remains very similar to that found in the sugar mills.

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