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The Galea Story

With over 800 logistics managers R&D staff and skilled Office Management staff, Indirect and direct workers as of January 30, 2022, we successfully hit the highest export of coconut in West Africa by reaching 4million nuts a month. Apart from our exclusive export expertise, we have consistently exhibited our unmatched technical expertise in manufacturing and industrial production, by manufacturing charcoal briquettes, coconut oil and other unmatched products.

Our Products

Coco Coir

The coconut is a great fruit. We all know how delicious the flesh is and the water is nutritious with lots of potassium but also the outside husk is very beneficial. See more…

Copra Oil

In today’s world, naturally growing coconut palms remain a great source of copra. But the commercial plantations reign superior. See more….

Alata Soap

Galea’s Alata Soap has been used on the continent of African for centuries as an all-natural treatment for the skin and face. It is said to cleanse and purify the skin and it is thought to be beneficial against premature facial lines and wrinkles. See more…


Bidie is a brand introduced by Galea Industries. This initiative was introduced to bring change into how people access clean fuel. We are focused at converting agricultural waste to fuel. We are against the felling of trees and are poised at protecting the environment. See more…​

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